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Bilingual · Foreign Business │新一代电池技术续航电动汽车

原标题:Bilingual · Foreign Business │新一代电池技术续航电动汽车

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Varian partners with Pagoda on cancer fighting in China


Taking charge of the electric car future


The annual report of monitoring progress of PPP environment released


Touchscreen technology to business jet cockpits



Varian partners with Pagoda on cancer fighting in China


Varian, a cancer care company announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pagoda Investment, a leading proprietary private equity fund manager .

双方将致力整合彼此全球肿瘤产业链资源,china tours围绕医疗投资领域进行全方位、深层次的合作,china tours特别将以肿瘤机构为重心,china tours开展诊疗机构运营、国际先进肿瘤药物、器械以及治疗设备等方面的交流与合作等。

The two parties are committed to leverage their global resources in cancer care ecosystem, and strengthen their cooperation in the areas of healthcare institutions operation, advanced tumor treatments into China, healthcare professional education and training and etc.


Their vision is to drive the development of oncology in China, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care, to fight against cancer.


Varian is the world's leading supplier of medical devices and solutions for treating and managing cancer. By now more than 7,800 Varian linear accelerators are in service in the world.


Pagoda Investment is a proprietary private equity fund manager, founded by QIC Ltd. It’s been a long-term seeker of targets with great potentials in cancer diagnosis and treatment with technology oriented.


Its invested company includes ICON, one of the fastest growing, and largest integrated cancer treatment service providers in Australia.


Varian and ICON hope to bring the success and experiences like ICON’s to China, to provide comprehensive and high-quality cancer care for Chinese patients.


Taking charge of the electric car future



ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer writes China recently became the fifth country to say it will eventually phase out cars powered by fossil fuels, and it is heavily promoting the adoption of emission-free electric vehicles combined with renewable energy generation.


China last year alone sold more than 350,000 electric vehicles. It is pushing to raise its total to 800,000 charging sites by the end of 2017, and Chinese planners intend to build a network to serve 5 million e-cars by 2020.


The most critical technology that goes into any e-car is the batteries that power it. Thanks to the latest generation of batteries, the range of vehicles has been extended to slightly over 300 kilometers (187 miles) between charges.


What’s more, new "flash" charging technology has reduced recharge times to as little as 14 minutes – a dramatic advance from the overnight charging that limited widespread adoption of the earlier generation of electric cars.


ABB is engaged in the effort to develop flash-charging technologies for electric vehicles, extend the power-grid connections that support these charging systems, and move towards renewable power generation.


To date, we have installed cloud-based charging solutions in more than 50 countries so they can seamlessly manage the flow of electricity, service information and payments.


Policymakers already have the weight of new technology on their side as they make this push for faster adoption of electric cars.


The annual report of monitoring progress of PPP environment released


Countries in Asia and the Pacific with developed financial markets, strong local financial institutions, and diverse financing resources are more likely to secure public-private partnership (PPP) projects, according to a new Asian Development Bank (ADB) report.


The Public-Private Partnership Monitor tracks the development of the PPP business environment across ADB member countries and provides insights for governments on structuring a sound environment for PPPs.


The report reveals that India, the Philippines, and Thailand have the most developed financial markets, which can provide longer-tenor loans (above 10 years) in local currency to support infrastructure. These markets also have a wide array of financing options including project bond financing.


The report finds that the PRC has the most PPP projects that reach financial close. But there is scope to scale up PPPs in the country by drawing on more private sector companies.


Among the key trends identified in this year’s report is that energy generation is one of the most successful sectors in developing PPP frameworks.


Thermal and renewable power generation are the dominant sectors for the majority of the countries surveyed in the PPP Monitor. The water sector is also a major area for PPP investment, with over 40% of PPP projects in the PRC in this sector.


"This report will help both policymakers and investors make informed decisions, better manage risk, and ensure a more stable environment for PPPs," said ADB President Takehiko Nakao.


Touchscreen technology to business jet cockpits

霍尼韦尔通过其Primus Epic驾驶舱解决方案,将触屏技术引入公务机驾驶舱。

Honeywell is bringing advanced touchscreen technology to business jet cockpits.


Honeywell’s new DU-1310 touchscreen will provide flight crews with more control of the cockpit by enabling the forward displays with touchscreen functionality as an alternative to a cursor control device or joystick.


Touch screens can significantly improve operational efficiency in the cockpit, with much faster navigation through the commands and data.


Previously, pilots could only perform the same operations using a cursor control device or joystick. By using a touchscreen, pilots can cut in half the time required to input data and control cockpit functions.

霍尼韦尔航空航天集团驾驶舱系统副总裁Jeff Merdich表示:“现如今,飞行员希望日常生活中使用的高科技功能同样应用于驾驶舱,其中触摸屏的需求占据首位。”

"Pilots today expect the same high-tech functionality in the cockpit that they use in their everyday lives, and touchscreens are at the top of that list," said Jeff Merdich, vice president, Cockpit Systems, Honeywell Aerospace.


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